An Explanation on Pricing

The Mull Funeral Home is PROUD of the services and merchandise we offer to those that call upon us AND for the licenses to practice our trade that we have EARNED.  Our prices are based upon the recommendation of our accounting firm in order to: remain profitable, maintain our facilities (overhead) to our standards, satisfy the request to pay inordinately high taxes, and to pay fees in order to remain in compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations that are specific to our trade.

Solid Bronze, 48oz                                                                               $ 19995.00

Solid Bronze, 32oz                                                                                $ 16995.00


Solid Copper                                                                                          $  5995.00


Stainless Steel                                                                                       $  3995.00


Steel, 18 gauge, Velvet Interior                                                            $  2695.00

Steel, 18 gauge, Crepe (or other) Interior                                           $  2395.00


Steel, 20 gauge, Crepe Interior, Gasketed & Oversize                     $  1995.00

Steel, 20 gauge, Crepe Interior, Non-gasketed & Oversize            $   1695.00


Steel, 20 gauge, Crepe Interior, Non-gasketed

(Baron, Bradford, Viceroy, Bellevue, Apollo)                                    $    1395.00


Solid Mahogany, Solid Walnut, Solid Cherry, Cherry Veneer        $    8795.00


Solid Maple, Pecan, Ash, Oak, Oak Veneer, Sycamore                   $    3595.00


Solid Pine, Solid Poplar or Hardwood                                               $    2495.00

Poplar Veneer or Hardwood Veneer & Oversize                              $    2195.00


Basic Hardwood Veneer (Lyra)                                                            $     1695.00


Oversize Cloth Covered                                                                        $     1395.00

Cloth Covered                                                                                         $      995.00


Basic Cremation (Bayview Beech)                                                       $      995.00

Standard Alternative Container                                                            $     495.00

Trayview Alternative Container                                                            $      300.00 



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